Established in 1991 and based in Istanbul, Güral Elektrik Malzemeleri Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş (GURAL), is one of the leading manufacturers in the Turkish electromechanical industry. Founding partners, Sehsuvar Menemencioglu and M. Oguz Gural are amongst the first contractors of the Turkish electric grid. GURAL specializes and involved in the production, marketing and sales of MV,HV and VHV Disconnectors and Disconnecting Switches, MV Current Limiting Back-up Fuses as well as Live Works. GURAL houses a team of engineers dedicated to research and development (R&D) with many projects in partnership with leading international organizations. Notably, GURAL holds a long-term licensing agreement with Alpha Electrotechnik AG/Switzerland (A Pfiffner AG Company) for the production of a group of HV & VHV Disconnectors. The company’s overall commercial activity spans Turkey, Middle East, Far East, Eastern and Western Europe (MV products only) and North Africa.

Güral Elektrik A.Ş. is an organization specialized in switchgear and equipment, including the production, marketing and sales of medium, high and very high voltage disconnectors, high voltage current limiting backup fuses and safety materials. In addition to its own high-capacity engineering research and development group, it continues its technological cooperation with foreign companies that are renowned in their fields. High voltage disconnectors are produced with the cooperation and license of Alpha Electrotechnik A.G./Switzerland (a subsidiary of Pfiffner AG). In addition to domestic sales, sales are also made to the Far East, Western Europe and North African countries.



In conformity with its vision, GURAL uses state of the art technology to develop, produce and service equipment that meets the expectations of stakeholders and needs of Customers.


  • Holding ourselves to the highest quality metrics, making sure that our products meet the expectations of our customers, follow domestic and international specifications according to current legislation and in a reliable manner.
  • Becoming problem solving partners with our customers to ensure maximum satisfaction and to maintain long-term relationships.
  • Ensuring the professional satisfaction and continuous development of our employees and promoting an environmentally-friendly work environment
  • Working tirelessly to pose as a trustworthy, exemplary and leading institution in our sector