General Purpose Swıtch Disconnectors (Load-Break Switches) with Vacuum Interrupter
Class E3 General Purpose Switch
Class M2 (10.000 CO) Mechanical Endurance
Capacitive Current Breaking Class C2
Rated Current: 2000A
Rated Mainly Active Load Breaking Current – (Making & Breaking): 2000A – 100 Close-Open Operations
Rated Short Time Withstand Current / Duration : 31.5kA / 3s
Rated Peak Withstand Current: 82 kA-peak
Rated Short-Circuit Making Current (Peak) 20 kA
Rated Voltage: 27.5kV phase to earth*
Related Standards
IEC 62271-1
IEC 62271-102
IEC 62271-103
EN 50152-2
*Dielectric withstand level acc. to: 52 kV ph-ph (IEC 62271-1).

Only single phase models are available.

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